A Flower Under Water

DrowningSuffocatingBut stillBeautiful FlourishingUnder the weightAnd pressureOf the waves In the darknessOf the unknownRemaining strongAnd steadfast Never giving upThrough all the battlesAlways fightingAnd standing tall Learning to breatheAgainUnder the crushingWaves Rising upAgain and againAttack after attackEmbracing authority Thanks for reading! I hope this inspired you to keep fighting, no matter how many battles come your way….

Tearing Down Walls

I’ve built up so many walls.It might take some time to tear them all down. But, I’m working on it.Slowly… It took me my whole life to build these walls. I’ve worked every day of my life.I’m proud of this work I’ve done.But, I think I’m ready to tear them down. I’m ready to feel…