I’ll be Everything!

You feel like you’re drowning,
Can’t seem to surface,
Without fighting it,
Just try surrendering.

Your heart is heavy, I know,
Everything is dark now,
But just know,
I am here now.

Keep rising up,
You are surfacing,
Keep making it through,
You are getting closer.

Listen to my voice,
Watch me move,
Unexpected things,
Start to happen when,
You trust me,
In the mystery.

Please know,
I am everything,
Forever and always,
I will never leave.
I am a place,
For you to lay your burdens,
I will be your peace,
I am all you need.

Thanks for reading! I hope this post reminded you that when you feel like something is missing in your life, all you have to do is LOOK UP!

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

This post was inspired by this song!

Plot twist…

Well, that was unexpected!
Why did that happen?
I feel so disconnected!

. . .

Life throws plenty of plot twists.
They are always confusing.
And, they seem to always persist.

There’s no perfect reaction.
But, that’s the point.
They give you a new fascination.

It’s like reading a good book –
Everything the characters do is surprising,
but you keep reading, and don’t overthink or overlook.

You know, the author had a point.
They were purposely plot twisting,
to try to be interesting, and not disappoint.

That should always be our reaction –
To unexpected moments in life.
Instead of being confused, let’s learn from it, and take action.

Life is filled with the unexpected.
Plot twists change the story of our lives,
And, make us feel more connected.

Thanks for reading!
I hope this inspired you to embrace the plot twists in your life! They are forming you into a better, stronger and even smarter person. The way you react to plot twists will guide your life!

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

Santiago, Chile – Day 1ย 

So, I’ve officially boarded the plane to Chile. And, all I want to do right now is sleep because it’s currently 01:00 (please consider this when reading the following post)

For those of you interested, I’m flying in a Boeing 777-300ER. And, it’s a completely full flight. But, even though I will be squished in this plane for 10 hours, I am absolutely pumped to land in Chile. Right now, I’m really tired, but I know that once I land, I will catch a second wind of energy. 

3 hours later…

I just woke up to the sound of my ear buds playing Spanish music and the smell of breakfast coming. These sounds and smells made me even more excited, (but also a little nervous) for the adventure ahead. I’m excited (and nervous) to see if I learned enough Spanish, and to see what it’s like to live in another country. 

2 hours later… (landed)

Well. I’m here, standing on the porch of my hostal room. And, can I just say that as soon as I landed, culture shock (& the heat) hit me like a brick. 

I mean, I’ve been preparing for this trip for a while, but still, nothing could have prepared me for this surprise for the following reasoms:

1- I’m coming from winter weather (-10) to Mediterranean summer weather (+30).

2- My brain didn’t realize how fast people actually speak Spanish. They understand me and then think I’m fluent, so they speak faster which makes all my conversations lasts maximum 5 minutes. 

. . . 

So, it’s 22:00 on my first day (technically half day) here in Chile. (Landed at 13:00 & didn’t get to my hostal until 14:30). And, since then, I’ve just been walking around discovering everything I can, until I crash for the night. 

Seriously though, I am SO tired (12 hours of flying later). I was ready to go to bed at 20:00, but I’m trying to get over jetlag as quickly as possible because I have a busy and exciting 3 months ahead of me. 

And, even though all I did today was walk around and visit the local grocery store, I feel like I already learned a lot about the culture.

. . . 

Well, that’s my journey here and my first thoughts during my first day in Santiago, Chile.  I’m going to sleep now, so tomorrow can be an even better day. 

ยกBuenos Noches!

P.S. I don’t know if I’ll actually continue writing these everyday day with day 1, day 2 and so on; but for now, let’s say so. 

Thanks for reading! 

-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

No control…ย 

~There’s something so scary, yet, so “comforting” about not having control over part of your body/future.~

. . .

So, today, I went to the dentist to get a filling and he numbed part of my mouth/face.
And, during the process I felt the numbness start and I was fine because I could feel it slowly happening.
It was only after, when I got home, that I realized that having no control over the right side of my face was really kind of scary and uncomfortable.

Smiling, laughing, talking, drinking,etc… Everything felt so weird.

Even right now, while writing this, I still can’t feel the right side of my face. And, I’m kinda glad it’s only the right side of my face (temporarily) because I think that if I really had no control over part of my body, I would probably freak out a little.

. . .

You see, as humans, we are so used to being able to control everything that happens to us, that whenever something unexpected happens (loss, an accident, a filling), we get scared and uncomfortable because we don’t know this new feeling and we don’t know how to react to it.

We’ve had control over everything up to this point, so this situation scares us because we cannot control it; we can only control how we react to it. We cannot do anything to change it, we just have to wait it out and wait for things to change on their own.

So, whenever something is out of your control, instead of being scared and worried, just be patient and wait it out. Sometimes the things we can’t control, turn out the best. Just let things happen, be patient and see what happens to your life. Let yourself give-up control over certain things in life; it will make you feel better and less stressed.


Thanks for reading!

~Don’t live in fear of the future!
Have patience that even though you can’t control the future,
it will turn out alright!~


-LiveForAdventure! ๐Ÿ™‚