Look! – A Poem (no strings attached)

Look, my child!
My love for you comes with no strings attached! – God
“A poem inspired by the creator”


A poem about your true identity! The enemy will tell you that: You are unworthyYou are aloneYou are never chosen You are ignoredYou are untalentedYou don’t belongYou are hopelessYou are stupidYou are uglyYou are weakYou are not valuableYou are nothingYou are not importantYou are neglectedYou are hidingYou are afraidYou should give upYou are a defaultYou…

Fitting In!

You try & try, over & over again, to fit in with the world. You think you’ll be happy when everyone likes you. You just want to feel part of something! All you want is to feel wanted. You want to feel happy & loved. So, you try & try, over & over again to…

I need you!

Yes, you! I need YOU! Don’t give up now! This poem is for anyone out there going through a tough time in life right now. Please, don’t do it! I know you’re tired! But, just focus on staying healthy, and keeping your mind fit! I know it’s exhausting! It feels like the only way out….