My Trip to Australia!

Part 1 of my journey to Australia has been uploaded!!! Check it out using the link below: My Trip to Australia! (Part 1) Thanks for following me on this journey! -LiveForAdventure! 🙂

Living in a National Park! (video)

The peace, the mountains, the small town vibe, the locals, the tourists, the cafes, the hiking trails, the lakes, etc… From every little thing; living in a small national park town is: “interesting”.I can say from experience that it’s not for everyone, but everyone should definitely try to experience it at least once. You can…

I’m Back!

So, I’m back from taking a break from blogging. I’ve had an amazing, and refreshing summer, with a lot of fun, and silly moments, and a lot of reflection moments. It was a well balanced summer (with work and beach days and hikes to the top of mountains). I feel refreshed, and ready to start…

Adulting / Living Abroad

There’s a lot to learn how to do all over again. . . . It doesn’t matter if you were a pro at all those things in your home country because everything will be different in a foreign country. Yes, there will be similarities, and you will learn the differences quickly. But, you will still…

Home after living abroad!?

Coming back home after living abroad for a time is not easy! . . . Yup, Reverse Culture Shock! It’s a real thing! . . . So, I’ve only been back from Chile for about a week now and the only way I can describe coming home after living abroad for a time is: “weird”…

Time Travel… & New Video!

Make sure that you… . . . Also, please go check out my new YouTube video about my adventures & experiences living in Chile! Click the link below: My Trip to Chile! (Part 2)   Thank You! -LiveForAdventure! 🙂


WOW! It’s been a While… But, I promise, I am going to start writing more posts really soon. . . . -But for now; check out my New video about My Trip To Belize. *Here is the link:  My Trip To Belize -LiveForAdventure! 🙂