Step 3: The Art of Booking

What will get you there?
Where do you want it to take you?
How will you get there, eat, sleep, etc.?

. . .

Just like the last step, this is also a stressful, but, very exciting step in the process because you know where you want to go and how you want to get there.
Now, you have to spend the money and find ways to fulfill your thoughts and plans from the last step.
You have to think about what methods of transportation you will use, where you will stay, how you will get around, what you will do, etc.
And, on top of figuring out the answers to all those questions, you have to book them all properly, so you don’t get stranded at your new, unknown destination.

This step may be seem like the shortest but, it’s the most important step in the pre-departure phase.

This is also the step where you realize that traveling needs to be cheaper 😀 (LOL).

Step 4: The Art of Packing