Step 2: The Art of Planning

How are you going to get there?
Where are you going to stay?
What are you going to do and see? Etc…

So many questions to think about before you can even start packing!

. . .

This is probably the longest & most draining step because you just decided where you are going, so you want to think about all the excitement you will have at your destination. But first, you have to plan it and make sure you will get there safely, you will have a place to sleep, you will know what/where to eat, you will have things to explore, etc.
It may seem like a lot to plan, but here’s a tip:
You only need to think about planning the basics because chances are that once you arrive at your destination, your plans will change. You will see things that seem exciting that you want to try and you will notice new things that you didn’t find online.

. . .

Once your planning is done, you will feel a lot more relieved and really start to get excited because you will know more about your destination and all the exciting things you plan to do and see at your destination.

. . .

Although this can be a stressful step; during this process, you learn a lot about your destination, which will excite you even more for your trip and future adventures there!

Step 3: The Art of Booking