Step 1: The Art of Thinking & Deciding

So, you want to take a trip?

. . .

You’ve thought about it for a while. You know you want to go on a new adventure somewhere, but, how do you decide where to go?
Do you go somewhere hot?
Or cold?
Do you go somewhere remote (like a private island); where no one will know you or where you won’t have much social human interactions?
Do you go to the big city (like New York)?

Where do you want to go?
What type of vacation do you?
What type of place do you want to go visit/see?

. . .

I can’t exactly answer those questions for you, but I can make it easier.
I can tell you that wherever you decide to go, make sure that the thought of going there makes you very happy and very excited for this future adventure. W
herever you decide to go is for you to relax, grow, and explore because when you come back from it, you need to feel refreshed to want to start to succeed in every aspect of your life.

. . .

Now, the decision is yours to make!
Think about the one place that makes you excited; somewhere you’ve always wanted to explore!

Step 2: The Art of Planning